Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Please get in touch with us today to learn how Innogen Technologies can help your future success. Following products are signed up with Innogen. We operate in India, Fareast, Africa.

We understand business data and the technologies that manage, store and move that information for you and your clients. Along with it, the threats to your data and business systems, that can cost thousands, even millions, of dollars. Though each company has the primary responsibility of its Cyber security exposure – the extent of extending access, firewall work-arounds for vendors, external and internal reaches, the frantic pace at which information ecosystems are evolving can be a challenge for even the leaders in the business domains.

Partnered with the best in the world in terms of securing data across multiple levels and scalable protocols, our Cyber Security products product include PaloAlto, McAfee, Sophos, FortiGate, Symantec to ensure your information is secured effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Features of Document Scanning and Retrieval Solution
a) Recollect helps you manage all your important paper and electronic documents in one place. Scan all your paper documents using any Copier / Scanner. Recollect automatically extracts and indexes all the text using its built-in OCR.
b) Quickly find documents using its powerful full-text search capability. No more lost or misfiled files. No more wasting time in proof-reading or manual indexing.
c) The most powerful and unique feature of Recollect is the ability to find documents accurately and quickly even if they contain misspelled or run-together words due to OCR errors.
d) Automatic Data Capture from scanned Form to DB or Excel Files
e) Carry your Document in your Mobile/Laptop/Cloud/Office Server, while going for a Business meeting…

Recollect : Document Management System :

Multiple sources and types of Documents
Digitizing Documents / Forms
Automatic Naming of Scanned files
Forms Processing - Data Entry
Automatic Data Extraction and Naming of files by RECOLLECT
Cost of managing paper documents / Forms
RECOLLECT –File, Extract Text, Search & Retrieve, Manage, Secure, Distribute

FORMS –Automatic Data Extraction
Automatic zone identification and data extraction using built-in OCR
Find scanned documents even with misspelled, run-together words
OCR accuracy not important. Proofreading OCR text not required
Able to handle poor quality and color background documents
Find emails and attachments
Run-together words –email addresses, scanned file attachments

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Everything you need to start, run and expand your global remittance.
Fully hosted technology or On-Prem Solution, online money transfer software and remittance ecosystem, quickly connects you with major supply chain members in the industry, giving you the perfect environment to get your business going and to grow it rapidly. Our solution is fully compliant with Central Banks.

Strategic Planning
We help ensure technology is there to support your business strategies by focusing on below areas:
Technology and business alignment.
Project and business initiative prioritization.
Technical resource management (who is doing what).
Business Continuance Planning (sometimes referred to as Disaster Recovery Planning).


We help you protect against security breaches and unauthorized acquisition of your data. Examples include:
We work with network security experts to ensure your network is not open to the public.
We lock-down all wireless appliances, employ firewalls and control Internet access through content management.
We work with compliance auditors, depending on need, ranging from PCI to FDA and HIPAA.

Capital Planning and Investment

We help you make prudent and practical decisions about any or all of the following:

Acquiring Technology, balancing between capital and operational expenditure.
Using external hosting services, cloud-based services, or hybrid approaches to manage overall Technology spend.
Leadership and Management

We start with a robust governance model to help your Company standardize on basic components that keep a business running efficiently.
We use Project Charters and Feasibility Studies before we recommend software and services.
We provide a consistent set of service goals for Information Technology.
Technology Acquisition

We help you make decisions about Package Software and Software as a Service (SaaS) by:

Helping you determine your current needs with an eye to the future.
Helping you develop a formal RFP/RFQ process for application vendor selection.
Helping you formally vet applications to ensure they will meet or exceed your Company's needs.
Process Improvement
Using agreed-upon metrics, we look to automate where it makes sense and help you prioritize what improvements should be made before others.
Technology Assessment
We audit your Company's current investment in technology, including infrastructure, network, and software applications, to derive a total Company picture as it is at the current time. This helps us with Technology Acquisition, as we work with you to develop the "future" state of the business with better integrated applications and services.
Performance and Results-Based Management
Combining your historical data with industry benchmarks, we help you:

Create goals-based scorecards to improve operational efficiency for specific departments.
Employ Business Intelligence and Data warehousing, where applicable, in order to bring business metrics to the forefront to help you make better decisions.
We work with your IT management to ensure systems and software are compatible, and we establish an architecture policy to ensure smooth integration of new technology as your business needs grow.
Here, we address:
Computing environments.
External Hosting.
Software as a Service.
Package Software (such as accounting or inventory optimization packages).
Cloud-based architectures.
Internal development platforms.


Using industry standards as a basis, we customize policies specific to your Company. Examples include:
Internet and Infrastructure Appropriate Use Policy (addresses Social Networking).
Data Security Policy.

We are experts in a development products both on web and mobile platforms. Bring your idea to us and let's create something beautiful together. Optimized Agile Approach. Services: Web development, Mobile development, DevOps.

Our experienced team of solution architects, database experts, and software engineers migrated hundreds of large databases on-premises and in the cloud. Make use of our hands-on experience with different database management systems as well as with three major cloud providers to reach new heights and business goals.

Application Migration, Database Migration, Verification

a.Application Migration
Several automation tools – like legacy code analyzers, code converters, GUI translators, and traceability matrix – make up our migration. We engages all through the migration – from the initial assessment to business logic conversion, deployment on the cloud to mobile enablement.

PowerBuilder to Java / JEE | Forte to Java / JEE
Oracle-Forms to Java / JEE | ProC to Java / JEE
Informix 4GL to Java / JEE | Cobol to Java / JEE
Unibasic to Java / JEE | Visual Basic to Java / JEE
Visual FoxPro to Java / JEE |

The list of legacy environments we can help migrate from is always growing. Please contact us, even if your need is outside of the list here. The chances are we could still assist you.

b.Database Migration

Using a set of automated tools, our database migration is a complete solution covering data, schema, stored procedures, functions, views, triggers, indices, and reports. We extends offerings at the application level too – redirecting and remediating. The list of source and target environments is always growing. Please do contact us, even if your need is outside of the list here. The chances are we could still assist you.

Informix to Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, PostGreSQL
Sybase to Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, PostGreSQL
PostgreSQL to Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL
MySQL to Oracle, SQL Server, PostGreSQL
DB2 to Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, PostGreSQL
SQL Server to Oracle, MYSQL
Unidata to Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, PostGreSQL
Oracle to SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL


Several automation tools – like legacy code analyzers, code converters, GUI translators, and traceability matrix – make up our migration. We engages all through the migration – from the initial assessment to business logic conversion, deployment on the cloud to mobile enablement.

In case of Database Migration, several automation tools – like Schema analyzer, migration, data migration, procedures / packages / views / triggers , data verification, procedures dependency analysis, Procedures test execution – make up our database migration. We engages all through the database migration – from the initial assessment to meta data conversion, data migration and deployment.

We Provide sophisticated chatbots use Artifical Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems.

Chatbots are becoming the machine-version of a virtual assistant. Google Assistant is a chatbot, and the Facebook chatbot uses Messenger chatbot as its chatbot platform. A non-assistant type of chatbot is used for entertainment, such as a jokebot, or for research to gather specific data. Another application is a socialbot that is used to promote a specific product, service, issue or candidate.

The latest chatbot technology is a move toward real-time learning or machine learning that uses evolutionary algorithms that are optimized for their ability to communicate based on the uniqueness of each conversation held. At this point in the evolution of the chatbot technology, there is no general purpose conversational artificial intelligence. However, this will change rapidly in the evolutionary process.